Are you a marathon runner? Do you specialise in long-distance running events? At the Madibaz HPC we offer a range of services to provide you with the best scientific sporting approach to reach your performance goals. 

We offer various aerobic and anaerobic assessments either based in the field or laboratory and this is determined after a consultation with our team, to ensure we help you reach your full potential. 



Cycling is one of many sports that is physically and mechanically demanding and at the Madibaz HPC we offer a number of services to test and evaluate all aspects of your performance.

Power on your bike is just as important as your bike fit and aerobic capacity and to ensure we can measure all these parameters, we offer multiple services such as: 

  • Functional Threshold Power (Wattbike)
  • Power profile test (Wattbike)
  • Wingate assessment (Wattbike)
  • Bikefit assessment

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All Endurance Sport Packages start from R350 


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Are you a provincial or national swimmer? Do you require assistance in improving your swimming strength and endurance? The Madibaz HPC offers swimming packages to evaluate your swimming strengths and weaknesses on land and in the pool. 

Swimming packages include:

  • Extensive Land Assessment (including body composition assessment, flexibility, strength and power tests)
  • Pool-based Assessment (Evaluates aerobic capacity and other swimming parameters)
  • Combined Land and Pool-based Assessment



Are you a tri-athlete? Do you need assistance in assessing each one of your disciplines. 

The Madibaz HPC offers a customised assessment for tri-athletes to measure and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses between each of the 3-disciplines. 

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