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Functional Threshold Power Test (FTP):

FTP assessment is a 20-minute cycling test completed on the Wattbike. This test measures your ability to be able to sustain a high average power output over a 45- to 60-minute period. Completing regular FTP's provides an indication of your performance improvement and this test provides a good 'benchmark' to predict cycling-specific training zones. 

Power Profile Test (PPT):

The PPT assessment is a standard test used around the world to identify talent within the different cycling disciplines. This assessment consists of three primary tests:

  •  2 x 6-second Peak Power Test
  •  30-second sprint test and
  •  4-minute Aerobic test

This test provides vast information related to the athletes peak and average power output, peak and average cadence, cycling specific training zones and heart rate measurements throughout the test and much more. 

Wingate Test:

The wingate assessment is a 30-second sprint test used to determine an athletes anaerobic capacity, fatigue index, pedal cadence and peak and average power output. This test a good indicator of athletes anaerobic power and capacity and provides a method to measure training improvements. 


The Madibaz HPC offers Ergofit Bikefit to help cyclists personalise their bike measurements to their body dimensions. It is important for cyclists to be comfortable when riding but also ensuring that they are in the best cycling position to maximise performance.

The ErgoFit Bikefit includes the following assessments:

  • In-depth individual assessment of cyclist training history, flexibility and body measurements such as height, leg and arm length. 
  • Measurement application to accurately determine if the bike fit parameters predicted need to be adjusted according to a traditional set-up
  • Digital optimization process to analyse the fit and advise if any changes must be made if certain measurement points are out of the correct reference range.

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