Periodized Programs

Do you require a strength and conditioning program? Do you need assistance in taking the right scientific approach to meet your performance goals?

At the Madibaz HPC, we offer periodized designed programs specific to your sport.

The programs are an 8-week standard length and will require a prior consultation and assessment. Currently, we offer three different program packages:

  1. Basic Endurance Program
  2. Advanced Endurance program (includes additional training tips and techniques)
  3. Sport Specific Program


Athlete (Wellness) monitoring

Do you keep track of your wellness throughout training? Do you as a coach know if your athlete is burning out? The Madibaz HPC offers a customised athlete monitoring system, specifically to track the athlete's wellness and fitness throughout their training season. 

The athlete monitoring system is customised to the sporting codes needs and includes an interactive report to keep track of ones athletic well-being and to provide additional advisory information to coaches, sports managers and the athlete.

The Madibaz HPC offers two athlete monitoring packages:

  1. Basic Monitoring (Monthly feedback)
  2. Advanced Monitoring (Weekly feedback)

Skill Optimisation

Do your athletes struggle with their visual awareness or hand-eye co-ordination under pressure? 

At the Madibaz HPC we offer skill optimisation testing and training, to evaluate your athletes visual, motor and cognitive skills.

The skill optimisation training sessions are 30-minutes in length and include various sport specific drills involving:

  • Hand-eye Co-ordination
  • Visual awareness
  • Decision-making
  • Reaction time

The skills optimisation testing includes a standardised protocol to create a baseline for all athletes who wish to partake in our training sessions. 




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