The central hub for the Madibaz HPC provides the ideal testing facility for your sports team, to undergo a customised testing battery specific to your sporting code. 

Team consultations are vital to our process to ensure we provide the best testing service to your team and to ensure players are meeting their performance goals. 

Our Team Sports testing package includes a customised testing battery of a range of assessments (not limited too):

  • Body Composition
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Aerobic and Anaerobic tests

Additional to these physical tests, the Madibaz HPC offers skill-based testing to evaluate your athletes hand-eye co-ordination, visual awareness and decision-making. For more detail click here




The Madibaz HPC offers sport-specific training programmes for your team designed by our Sport Science team. 

If you wish to undertake one of our S&C programmes, you and your team can gain exclusive access to our HP Gym under the supervision of our HPC staff.

The Madibaz HPC values training all aspects of the athletes performance with specific skill optimisation training sessions also offered. 

The skill optimisation training includes 30-minutes sessions focused on sport specific visual, motor-skills, hand-eye co-ordination and decision-making drills to challenge your athletes sporting skills.   




As a coach, are you keeping track of your athletes well-being?

At the Madibaz HPC we offer a customised athlete monitoring system to track your athletes well-being and fitness. For more details, please see athlete monitoring.

Interested in our Team Sports services?